Friday, July 31, 2015

I Don't Like Ink

Back in June, I completed my third round of Drawing Fundamentals at the local art league.  The semester was all about drawing in ink.  I had the same teacher as the previous 2 classes, which covered pencil and charcoal drawing.  I made an important discovery – I don’t like ink.
My ink value study

Ink involves a commitment – more than I want to make.  I can’t erase ink; I can only make it darker.  Darker is something I am not very good at.  I like to smudge and erase, add and then take away, but that’s not possible with ink. 
It's a pinecone. Can you tell?

Our assignment was to do a landscape.
I got frustrated and lost interest.
Too many flowers.

This is supposed to be Denzel Washington.
I messed up the other eye hence the framing.

Next session I’m going back to charcoal and pencil.  I feel the need to smudge.

- christina

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is not a city that I have been dying to visit.  However, the opportunity presented itself this summer because I have a friend who has a friend who lives there.  It seemed to me that going to Colombia would be an adventure - unknown and possibly a little risky.  Medellin turned out to be a beautiful city, where I learned an interesting history lesson about Pablo Escobar and was introduced to the artist Fernando Botero.  My trip was a half city/half country adventure.

Hotel Charlee is in a very posh, but loud, part of the city.

The view from my hotel room's balcony.
The stairwell on each floor had a unique mural.
Street Art:

After a few days in the city, I visited a "finca" (literally, it means property but I would call this one a "country house").  It was a beautiful home and provided a relaxing few days.
The driveway of the finca.
The amazing backyard.
Just in case you ever meet a native of Medellin, they pronounce the name Med-a-jean.  The "ll" makes a j-sound: like a hard j with a little buzz added to it.  Say it that way and you will make a good impression.

I hope you are enjoying your summer trips.  Personally I wish summer would last at least another month.  Hey, a girl can dream.
Me and my new friend, Lucy, enjoying summer
vacation at the finca.

- christina