Thursday, April 23, 2015

Collaborative Art

My BFF came to visit me over Spring Break and we had lots of fun.  When we get together we always do at least one art project.  For the recent visit we wanted to try an abstract piece so we began by watching videos by Jane Davies.   Then we tried our hand(s) at painting, stamping, and mark making.

We started by painting a large piece of paper with
multiple shades of a single color.

We collaged the painted paper.
Just a little but not too much.

We painted 2 more layers (harder than it sounds) and
added some stamping and other marks.

How do you know when you are done?
Sometimes you're done when run out of time.

More marks and some stamped tissue paper were added.

After my BFF left, I cut the large paper into 8 equal parts.
The final pieces are 6" x 6" and glued onto mat board.

I added some more color using caran d’arche crayons.  I think it’s done but you never know if I might add another splotch here or there.  I’m not sure where to hang this collection yet but I like the way it turned out.  Thanks, BFF, for helping me make this!

- christina

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Road Trip

Last weekend, a friend and I drove 6 hours to St Paul to attend the American Craft Council Show.  It was an easy drive, especially with a buddy who supplied me with my favorite jelly beans (Russell Stover pectin jelly beans – best in the world!).

This show should not be mistaken for a “craft show.”  The artists were craftsman not crafters and the work was really lovely.  I couldn’t afford to buy anything (such as the $390 ring I fell in love with or the $325 vest which could be worn 6 different ways) but that was not my goal.  My reason for attending this event was to get inspiration to create.  I saw so many beautiful things that I could not stop smiling and saying, “oh wow, look at that.” (I often said this to strangers, mistakenly thinking that my friend was standing next to me.)

The ACC promotes a charm collection that many
jewelry vendors participate in.
What a great idea! 
I couldn't resist taking a photo of this
amazing chair ($400)

I channeled my extroverted side and spoke with many of the vendors.  A few were from Chicago and gave me suggestions of shows that I could attend closer to home.  Everyone was pleasant and so enthusiastic to talk to me about his or her art.  I made sure to tell each artist how much I liked their work and thanked them when I left the booth.  Although I couldn’t afford to buy any of the beautiful pieces, I wanted the artists to know that I appreciated their skill, their creativity, and their final product.

ACC members were available to teach knitting.

A demonstration of throwing pots.

4 rooms created for the show: WATER




A demonstration of boat building.
Time to create!

- christina