Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Goals & CREATE

I finally accomplished my summer goal: making handmade journals and canvas pouches.  The goal was to make 20 of each.  I did make 20 journals but I only sewed 15 pouches.  I ran out of canvas, time, and enthusiasm.

On August 15 my friend and I had a vendor table at the Artist Faire of CREATE Chicago 2014.  It was a learning experience for us both.  We did not sell very many items, but we are happy that we did it nonetheless.

Ultimately, I am proud of myself for making all of the journals and pouches and achieving my goal.  In addition, Joanne Sharpe bought 2 of my pouches! Maybe she will use them in one of her online classes. 

Did you achieve your summer goals?

- christina

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Little Something

I have spent many hours this summer working on my handmade journals and pouches to sell at the CREATE Mixed Media Retreat (which is coming up in a few weeks).  I haven’t spent much time creating new art, so I decided to try a quick, little project that I saw in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine.

Tammy Northrup's article from July/August
issue of Cloth Paper Scissors

I started with a scrap piece of watercolor paper.  I put painter’s tape around all 4 edges so that the final painting would be quite small.  Following the directions in the article, I started “flicking” 3 colors of acrylic paint onto the paper.  It was not as easy as it looked (how many times have I said that about art??).

This project was all about instant gratification, so I just kept flicking until I decided it had the impression of a grassy field.  I added some flicks of red to represent wildflowers.
My little wildflower painting
2" x 2"
Is it perfect? No, but I smile when I look at my little tiny painting.  I added some shading around the sky to frame the painting and I think it looks a little like a stormy sky.  A happy accident.

I hope you find time to make a little art soon.  (Get it? “Little” art?)

- christina