Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another Bombing (the Yarn Kind)

Once again, I have assisted in the subversive act of yarn bombing.  The Knitters for Peace gang struck in the dead of night (around 9:30 pm) depositing knitted artwork along a local walking path.  There was a knitted banner as well as flowers, birds, and butterflies. 

The “yarn bombers” hoped that people would take the knitted pieces home, but the work stayed untouched for over a week.  Eventually it disappeared and I don’t know if it was removed by the police, a citizen, or a gang member.  I know that many people had the opportunity to enjoy the work, because I witnessed some bikers taking photos in front of it.

Have you ever left art somewhere for people to find?

- christina

Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Goals

I am a teacher and, like my students, I am giddy with excitement because summer break has begun. (Yay!) Summer seems to fly by and I want to feel that I have spent my time wisely.  In order to get that feeling of accomplishment, I have to define summer goals.  Sometimes this is a long list, but not this year.
(sunshinecity @

I have 2 very specific goals for this summer: make 20 journals and sew 20 canvas pouches.  These items will be sold at CREATE Chicago in August.  My friend is going to have a vendor table at the event where she will sell hand-dyed fabric and she is allowing me to add to her items for sale.  It’s going to take me all summer to make these items, but I am excited about the prospect of selling my work to the public.  I am not confident enough to do a big art show or flea market, but the CREATE event is small and somehow feels “safe.”  I guess because I am one of the attendees and I have purchased wonderful stuff in the past.

I will post my progress as the summer continues.  I hope that you have fabulous summer plans as well.

- christina

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Visit to Bead & Button

A beautiful piece of wearable art
Last weekend I drove to Milwaukee for the Bead & Button Show.  It’s a 90-minute drive each way, so I had about 2 ½ hours to hang out there before I had to be back in Chicago. I just wanted to visit the exhibit hall, buy a few items, and say hello to some friends who had a booth.  I have been going to Bead & Button for 10 years, but this was the first time I went without my BFF.

I love these colorful storage cabinets.
$159 each. Drool …..
This is one of my favorite vendors, My
Elements.  They sell rubber components  for
jewelry making and are incredibly creative.

This is half of the Exhibit Hall.
There seemed to be fewer attendees than last year.

Yes, they actually sell buttons
at Bead & Button.
This is my friend Dee Dee's booth.
Banyan Bay Studio beads

Dee Dee makes her beads from layers of
wood.  She turns each one on a lathe.
They are beautiful.

It was a nice day trip, but I really missed my BFF.  We usually walk through the exhibit hall together, stopping occasionally to say "ohh, ahh" or "who would buy that?"  We also smuggle little bottles of rum into the hall where we buy $4 cokes and doctor them up.  That makes the shopping even more fun.

The only things I bought at the show were some brass chain and a few silk ribbons that I use as bracelets.  Next year I won't go to B&B unless my BFF goes too.  It just isn't the same without her.

- christina