Friday, January 8, 2016

Word for 2016

Every January I choose a word for the year.  For me, it’s a more inspiring endeavor than a new year’s resolution like losing weight or eating healthier. 

Last year my word was nurture.  Upon reflection, I have decided that I was about 85% successful at being nurturing throughout the year.  One lesson I learned is that nurturing needs to be delivered in different forms depending on the person.  Not everyone appreciates the type of nurturing that I find the most fulfilling.  You have to know a person to know how to nurture him or her. Although my success rate was not 100%, at least I became a better nurturer (is that a real word?).   

My word for 2016 is explore.  What I love about this word is that I can take it in so many different directions.  I can explore geographically, creatively, professionally, or spiritually.  Explore implies courage and resilience, which is something I need in my life.  The options this word presents are exciting and I'm looking forward to all of my explorations.
Have you picked a word for 2016?  If you need ideas, try searching #oneword2016.

- christina


  1. My word is "Focus". It is only Jan. 10th and I am struggling to focus!!!

  2. My word is "resourceful." This one I think I can do...unlike last year's word that I can't even remember!